Manarola 18pc Pin Punch Set With Automotive Centre Punch

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18 pc pin punches 

Manufactured in alloy steel 

Including automatic centre punch for making centre holes for drill insertions etc.

Gnarled handles on the automatic and pin punches for  extra grip


Sizes in mm:

9.5x200mm, 8x200mm, 6x200mm, 5x200mm, 4x200mm, 3x200mm, 2.5x200mm, 1.5x200mm, 1.5x100mm, 2.5x100mm, 3x100mm, 4x100mm, 5x100mm, 5.5x100mm, 6x100mm, 8x150mm, 9.5x150mm

Sizes in inch:

3/8×8″, 5/16×8″, 1/4×8″, 3/16×8″, 5/32×8″, 1/8×8″, 3/32×8″, 1/16×8″, 1/16×4″, 3/32×4″, 1/8×4″, 5/32×4″, 3/16×4″, 7/32×4″, 1/4×4″,5/16×6″, 3/8×6″


Includes Automatic centre punch 

Supplied in blue canvas storage wallet with separate slots for each pin


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