Heavy Duty Booster Cables

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01. We recommend that eye protection be worn when jump stating a vehicle. 02. Accidents can occur,in the event that an accident might occur whereby any acid or foreign matter comes in contact with eyes, skin, or clothing and contamination should occur, the foreign matter must be immediately flushed from the eyes, skin, or clothing. Contact a physician immediately.
03. Vehicles should not touch in order to limit any potential sparks.
04. If the batteries have vents or caps place a cloth over them in oder to discourage the formation of harmful gases. DO NOT SMOKE
05. consult your vehicle owner’s manual for jump instructions
06. The engine should not be running in the vehicle being used to jump the
inoperative vehicle
07. Carefully connect one red position (+) cable end to the position (+) post of the dead battery.
08. Carefully connect the other position (+) He end to the good battery.
09. Connect one of the negative (-) post of the good battery.
10. Connect the other negative (-) end to engine ground.(not the negative battery post). Consult your vehicle owner’s manual.
11. Avoid all moving parts.
12. Stop back from vehicle being jumped. “Start the boosting vehicle first and then engage the starter on the dead vehicle. Do not engage for an extended period of time.
13. For vehicles with a computer system, it is advisable to turn on the high beam lights to avoid a voltage surge and to protect the vehicle’s electrical system. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual or contact your local automobile dealers.
14. After starting, carefully remove the cables in the reverse order.


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