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  • 150mm Twist Knot Wire Cup Brush
  • M14 x 2 Internal Thread
  • Max. Speed : 4500rpm
  • For use with Angle Grinders.
  • Ideal for stripping and cleaning large metal areas.
  • DO CHECK all wheels for cracks or damage before mounting. DO make sure the operating speed of the Machine does not exceed the rated wheel speed
  • DO always handle and store wheels in a careful manner. DO be sure wheel hole fits machines arbor properly and the flanges are clean, flat, and the proper type and size for the wheel you are mounting.
  • DO always run wheel in a protected area at least one minute before grinding.
  • DO use wheel guard furnished with machine.
  • DO always wear protective safety glassed or proper face shield.
  • Selected reinforce net always bring you MAX safety cutting
  • Stainless Steel central ring protect disc well and won't get rusty even stock long time
  • Innovative mixed abrasives grain and extra thin thickness bring you whole new cutting experiences
  • 50pc Mounted Grinding Stones
  • 10 Assorted Shapes and Sizes
  • 6mm Shanks
  • For cleaning and de-burring using power drills and die grinders.
  • 1 X 90 Degree Lube Tube ** 1 X 12" Hose Extension
  • 1 X Rubber Tipped Nozzle ** 1 X 360 Degree Coupler
  • 1 X Straight Extension ** 1 X Slide-On 90 Degree Coupler
  • 1 X Needle Nozzle
  • Storage Case
  • No Inners
  • Case Quantity 10
  • Model : SF 5040
  • Weight (without fasteners) : 1.5kgs
  • Air Inlet : 1/4NPT


Maximum permissible pressure : 8.3bar

Operating pressure range : 4~7bar

Noise characteristic : 82db

Recommended Lubricant : Air Tool Oil

Suitable Fasteners Brads : (18Ga) 10-50mm

Staples : (Crown : 5.7mm, 18Ga) 16-40mm

  • Maximum Capacity : 100pcs
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