35 Ton Capacity Air Floor Hydraulic Trolley Jack

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Lift Heavy with Power and Precision

Elevate your workshop capabilities with the Irish Tools Shop 35 Ton Air Floor Hydraulic Trolley Jack. This industrial-grade jack boasts a remarkable 35-ton lifting capacity, making it ideal for tackling the toughest lifting tasks in construction, heavy equipment maintenance, and demanding workshop applications.

Effortless operation and precise control:

  • Air-powered lifting: Utilizes compressed air for minimized manual effort, reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency.
  • Hydraulic system: Ensures smooth and controlled lifting, allowing for precise positioning of heavy loads.
  • Rotary release valve: Enables easy and controlled lowering of the load.

Enhanced functionality and user experience:

  • Four heavy-duty springs: Ensure faster ram return, speeding up your workflow.
  • Three-position handle: Offers convenient storage and transport options.
  • Four saddles/extensions: Provide increased versatility for lifting vehicles and equipment of various heights.
  • Durable construction: Built with high-quality materials to withstand demanding use in harsh environments.

Key specifications:

  • Lifting capacity: 35 tons (77,160 lbs)
  • Minimum height: 27 cm (10.63 in) (without saddle) / 29 cm (11.42 in) (with saddle)
  • Maximum height: 65.5 cm (25.79 in) (including longest saddle)
  • Air requirement: 120-180 psi
  • Weight: 48 kg (105.8 lbs)

Perfect for:

  • Construction professionals: Lift heavy beams, support structures, and machinery with ease and control.
  • Heavy equipment operators: Efficiently handle demanding lifting tasks in various industrial applications.
  • Machine shops and repair facilities: Safely and precisely lift heavy machinery and equipment for maintenance and repairs.

Invest in a powerful and versatile lifting solution. Order your Irish Tools Shop 35 Ton Air Floor Hydraulic Trolley Jack today!